Grand Court of New York, Order of the Amaranth - .'.

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Elected Grand Officers

Grand Officers



Grand Royal Matron

HL Hillary Johnson

Grand Royal Patron

SK Bruce Kenney

Grand Associate Matron

HL Karen Thompson

Grand Associate Patron

SK Floyd "Rick" Helfrey

Grand Treasurer

HL Susan Johns-Greenfield

Grand Secretary

HL Michelle Joyce

Grand Conductress

HL Natalie L. Caines

Grand Associate Conductress

HL Barbara Conkling

Grand Trustee - 1 Year

SK Harold Hyatt

Grand Trustee - 2 Years

HL Cheryl Hackett

Grand Trustee - 2 Years

SK Naneen Christopher

Grand Trustee - 3 Years

HL Joan Pauley

Grand Trustee - 3 Years

SK Douglas Martin

Grand Commisioner of Appeal - Chief

SK Steven Joyce

Grand Commisioner of Appeal -1 Year

SK Liberato Lao

Grand Commisioner of Appeal -2 Years

HL Kathleen Limbach

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